The Affordable Funeral: Going in Style, Not in Debt:
A Consumer's Guide to Funeral
Arrangements & the Funeral Industry

R. E. Markin


Funerals are, for most families, the 3rd-largest expense they'll face in a lifetime. It needn't be. For years the funeral industry has thrived on consumer ignorance or reluctance to learn of their trade. We tend to just choose colors and times and leave all else, including what to charge, to the funeral director. If we bought a used car the same way we'd all be thought idiots! This book will open the reader's eyes to what she/he is entitled to, what is REALLY required by law, and how to save 50% or more just by knowing what to ask, what to say, and who to call at critical steps in the process. There are at least SIX points where you can save $1,000.00 or more if you know what to expect. This book, and the study which precipitated it, was spawned by letters from the families of Alzheimer's victims, many of whom saw $8,000, $10,000, or even $12,000 of their extremely limited resources go into a funeral director's pocket for goods and services which SHOULD have only cost $2,000---or LESS. This is an obscenity whose time is past; WAKE UP AMERICA! You CAN go in style without going in debt . . . and here's how. Complete the workbook section and you'll have all your arrangements set in advance, right down to what happens to your pets and houseplants, then rest easy. Taking this stress off our loved ones is one of the kindest and most-loving acts we can perform while here on earth.


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