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I Thought We'd Never Speak Again : The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation
by Laura Davis

This book works for any broken relationship. It helped me find small ways to begin talking to cousins who had kicked dirt in my face years ago. I felt betrayed; they felt...well, who knows? But it was more than time to let bygones go. Only I had no idea how to begin. “Hey! Are you still going to be nasty to me?” just didn’t feel like it would do the job! Laura Davis’s ideas were not just one-offs, but suggestions of areas that might be safe to begin with. And they worked! I never had to stick my neck out and they never had to talk about what had happened back then. With baby steps we began to talk again. She wrote this before social media was what it is today, but FB and Twitter and mobile uploads has made it all so much easier. Recommended wholeheartedly.

–Cendra Lynn

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