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My Last Breath
Matthew D. Dovel

This book is a very interesting and intense story of someone who had two near-death experiences which resulted in him first going to heaven and then hell the other. What makes Dovel's near-death experiences unique in that one was heavenly and the other was hellish. Most NDEs involving a person experiencing both heaven and hell are within the same NDE. It is refreshing to read the comparison between the two destinations from someone who experienced both but at separate times.

My Last Breath is easy to read and thought-provoking at the same time. As it is with many NDEs, many of his profound insights requires time to fully digest as you reflect more and more on his wonderful message. Undoubtedly, such insights require the rest of your life to fully appreciate. In essence, My Last Breath is not only a fascinating read, it is also a guide on how spirituality can be applied in everyday life 

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