Nobody's Child Anymore: Grieving, Caring
and Comforting When Parents Die

Barbara Bartocci


A book of warmly personal stories and practical advice by an author who lost both of her parents and was with them in the dying process and at the moment of death. Nobody's Child Anymore has been reviewed in newspapers around the country (Kansas City Star, Arizona Republic, South Bend Tribune, Johnson Co Sun, Durango Colorado Herald to name a few) and received excellent reviews in Today's Librarian magazine and Publishers Weekly. Review words include: "compassionate resource" Not "How to but how-it-was;" "poetically written;" "meaningful."

Barbara Bartocci addresses an issue that baby boomers will soon face: the death of their parents. For many, unprepared to become the "older generation," the experience will be traumatic. It may also be an opportunity for spiritual growth. Barbara uses personal experience (she has lost many loved ones) and discussions with others to point up a wide range of reactions-from feeling a parent has died "too young," to grief that lasts beyond the "acceptable" period of time, to guilt arising out of relief at the passing. She validates all these emotions and gives valuable insights, as well as warm, sometimes humorous advice. In a sense, Nobody's Child Anymore can be used as a handbook. It is a practical reference as well as an uplifting lesson for difficult times.

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