Shadow Mothers: Stories of Adoption and Reunion
Linda Back McKay


Shadow Mothers tells the real stories of ten women from across the country who placed babies for adoption in an era of secrecy and shame, and were eventually reunited. The purpose of the book is to deliver important insights, promote understanding of adoption and reunion and help the healing process where needed. Readers have found it poignant and compelling. Adoptive parents, people wanting to adopt, adopted adults, family and friends, as well as birth parents all strongly recommend Shadow Mothers. My personal story is included in the book. I met my birth son 12 years ago. We've built a strong relationship, without a blueprint or guide as to how these fragile connections between "relative strangers" are supposed to work. I'm offering the practical advice flyer, "Top Ten Ways to Help Ensure a Happy Reunion and Relationship" free by request with each book purchase.
Book author, Linda Back McKay


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