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Truly Madly Deeply
DVD ~ Juliet Stevenson

Truly Madly Deeply is an amazing film, it's moving, it's humorous and it's romantic. It has everything you want in a film. Being an absolute Alan Rickman fan, I couldn't resist buying Truly Madly Deeply and I must say it's an instant classic.

Nina, a thirty something translator, fantastically played by Juliet Stevenson, loses the love of her life, Jamie, who was a cellist. As her life and her flat falls apart, it seems she's on the edge of an emotional breakdown but while she plays a half-finished Bach duet on the piano, she turns around and Jamie's there, playing the cello.

It's bliss at first but then he starts rearranging the furniture, inviting his ghostly friends to her flat to watch old movies on video and Nina's passion turns into irritation. The ending is so moving but I won't spoil it, I loved the acting, Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman are brilliant, it's a pity they aren't appreciated as well as they should be.

This movie isn't a British re-make of the US film "Ghost" but a touching story about a woman who learning to cope with grief and anger and carrying on with her life. We've all been there and it's something everyone can relate to. If you like romantic movies without the Hollywood glamour, Truly Madly Deeply is highly recommended!

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